Great Managers Are Always Nice by Chip Averwater

Chapter 8

The Daily Rounds

Many of the duties of a manager are routine: keeping up with team members’ activities, offering guidance, uncovering problems, providing help, and giving encouragement. An effective method of doing all these things is visiting regularly with each team member: the daily rounds.

Mike makes his rounds first thing each morning. In addition to getting his team started on time, it ensures that he helps his people with what they need before he gets buried in his own work.

Most visits are just casual updates—an opportunity to keep up with progress.

Making the Rounds

As work begins, Mike walks through the team’s work area.

M:  Morning, Paul. How’s it going?

P:  Great. I finished the Jackson project yesterday.

M:  Nice. Are you happy with it?

P:  I think they’ll love it.

M:  [smile] What’s next?

P:  I’ve got to work on… and….

M:  Anything you need?

P:  Just more time.


And on to the next person.


M:  How ya doing, Cindy?

C:  Good now. The new sorter arrived yesterday.

M:  Does it do what you hoped?

C:  Yeah, it’s already saving me a lot of time.

M:  Good. Everything else is OK?

C: As far as I know.


M:  Hi, Ann. Catch me up.


But the visits are also a chance to make suggestions and provide guidance.


M:  What’s new, Frank?

F:  Well, I’m trying to find a source for.... Seems the supply has dried up.

M:  Who’ve you checked with?

F:  All the regulars plus Allied gave me a couple of leads.

M:  There was a guy in Sao Paulo who could turn up things like that. Sam knows who he is.

F:  Thanks! I’ll check with him right away.

M: Everything else OK?

F:  That’s the only challenge at this point.

M:  Good luck.


And to offer encouragement and... Great Managers Are Always Nice